Custom Superlight Kickbike

Custom Superlight Kickbike

And now for something completely different…. I was commissioned to build this by a customer looking for a custom kickbike/scooter that would be compact enough to be unobtrusively carried into stores etc, and light enough to do so comfortably. The design process took a little while, as I didn’t have prior knowledge of this style of bicycle, and I needed to ensure that I could build what was envisioned. But I think the result meets the criteria – it weighs in at just under 9lbs, and the 20″ (406) wheels keep the overall bike length short. The stem can be removed quickly (to further reduce the size) with a 5mm hex key without disturbing the headset adjustment, and locates to centre when re-fitted.

To achieve the low weight the frame is triangulated, which allows very lightweight tubing to be used, and also provides a rest for the lower leg which adds stability. The fork is a carbon model from WoundUp, and the brake is an exceptionally light V-brake from Extralite. The wheels use Alchemcy ELF hubs for low bearing drag, custom cut Sapim CX-ray spokes and Velocity rims. The rear fender is a modified Salmon with a single point mount.

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