Custom Road frame

Cameron has been enjoying his English triathlon frame for a couple of years (3 Ironman events, go Cam!), and decided to get a road frame to match. He wanted the usual racers desire of light and stiff and the frame should deliver – it is the lightest frame I have built so far (I do enjoy building the smaller size frames) at 1120g, and with a teardrop downtube and 1-1/8″ toptube it should prove plenty stiff too. Internal gear cable routing, room for two large bottles in the frame and it will be set up with an Edge 1.0 fork and seatpost.

“As you know I have ridden so many different frames. On the first ride you get an idea of what the bike is like. Some you hate, others you think this is ok, and a very few you love. Yet after the first ride you start to notice the things you don’t like about a frame. I can very happily say on the first ride of my second English I LOVED it and then every ride since I have enjoyed it more and more. This is the first time this has happened with a road bike for me. It was the same with the Ironman bike. I am blown away at how well you nailed it again! I was really nervous due to really enjoying my last road bike and changing it worried me, yet it was a great move. Can’t wait to get out and really get some km’s done and race the Mighty English! Thanks again Rob!”

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