Custom FWD recumbent

Custom FWD recumbent

This was designed and built for a customer who liked my Hachi lowracer and was looking for something similar (front wheel drive, big wheels) for street use. Thus the Street Hachi was born. 700C rear wheel, 26″ front with an 8spd Alfine internally geared hub and discbrake.

Owner comments:

“Handles nicely and is a pleasure to ride. Looks beautiful. The larger wheels also seem to give it a better sense of proportion. I have had people say how nice it looks and the fellow at the bike shop, where it was assembled, said that many of the sales reps had really liked the look of the bike. Another bike mechanic said it was “The best looking recumbent he had seen.” Seat height seems very good. Not only can I put both hands on the ground but having the seat height just below the wheel hubs seems to help the feeling of comfortable control and the sitting ‘in’ the bike feeling. Seat angle seems good and a nice balance between aerodynamics, power delivery and sightline.”




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  1. Very sleek! The fwd is interesting…

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