Custom FWD recumbent

Custom FWD recumbent

Built around a Rohloff hub, this is a do-everything road machine – 1.35″ tires, 14 gears, disc brakes and a lockable tailbox/trunk. Terracycle idlers running on ceramic bearings keep the friction in the front wheel drive system low, and a carbon seat from Toxy helps keep the weight down (though that Rohloff adds some!).

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I now have over 8,000 miles on the lowracer.  It continues to be my favorite bike.  Just got back from the Seattle to Vancouver ride with the Cascade bicycle club.  Last year I did the one day version of Seattle to Portland on the bike.  The bike is very quick and responsive and very reliable.  Thank you for building such a great bike.



  1. Hello sir
    Where can i get that pulley which helps chsin ti come from crank to wheel. Pllz reply sir.

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