Custom folding road/adventure bikes

Custom folding road/adventure bikes

Steve and Jan have a private plane, and like to ride centuries, tours and other bicycle adventures. So they needed bikes that would be easy to pack in their plane, and be adaptable for whatever sort of riding they want to do. What we came up with are disc brake road bikes with two sets of handlebars (drops and flat), with cable splitters for ease of changeover, two sets of wheels – lightweight road wheels (with Alpha 340 rims and tubeless tires) and ‘cross wheels with 38C Schwable Marathon Plus tires for touring. In less than five minutes the bikes can be converted from one mode to the other, and the rear triangle folds in either configuration for ease of packing. Both bikes ended up weighing in at just under 19.5lbs (complete as shown in road configuration), not too bad for a disc brake road bike.

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