Custom folding 29er #2

Custom folding 29er #2

This is a do-almost-anything travel bike – set up with an Alfine 8spd rear hub initially, but using an eccentric bottom bracket (from Niner) means it can also be a singlespeed. Rack mounts on the rear, which also features assymetrical seatstays to clear the chainstay mounted disc brake caliper.

This version uses a short telescopic joint for the rear end latch, then pivots around the bottom bracket as with version #1. There is clearance for a 2.4″ tire out back, and a removable chainstay bridge to allow for detaching the rear triangle altogether for packing into the travel case.

With a request for something other than the Shimano offerings of a twist shifter or trigger shifter, I custom fabricated a bracket to allow the use of a Jtek Engineering barend shifter as a thumbshifter. The bracket gives several ways to adjust the position and function of the shifter, which provides a very positive shift action.

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