Custom Di2 road bike

Custom Di2 road bike

The evolution of the integrated electronic shifting bike continues – this might well be the first bike out there with an internal battery and a frame mounted micro-usb charging port (just use your laptop or phone charger to recharge!). Icarus Lights in Portland supplied the battery (about half the weight of the stock Di2 battery, with 150% of the capacity) and the charging port – I then just had to machine the custom mount for it inside the frame.

The bike also has a custom English stem/steerer which houses the Di2 control box (which is a snap fit into the stem). The cable then runs down the steerer, exits into the downtube, and only appears externally at the front and rear derailleurs. The tapered aero steel fork has a clamp at the crown to hold the steerer, in the style of a regular aheadset, only upside-down.

A set of the ’90s era Sweet Parts cromoly cranks completes the mostly-steel construction – but yet the complete bike is under 15lbs.



  1. A lot of unique ideas beautifully executed; good work man!

  2. Exquisite looks, wonderful crafted! Chapeau

  3. The combination of concept and execution here has put an English at the top of my next-bike list. This thing is sick!!!!!

  4. How did you avoid exposing the wiring near the stem traveling to the components?

    • The wiring travels from the control box mounted in the stem, into the steerer tube (with this build the steerer and stem are one piece), then it exits the steerer tube inside the headtube, to continue on into the downtube and to the junction box mounted above the bottom bracket. The headtube is fully cutout behind the downtube – this combined with enough slack in the cable allows for full turning of the fork without impinging the cable.
      thanks, Rob.


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