Custom 650C Road Bike

Custom 650C Road Bike

For those of smaller stature, 650C wheels make a lot of sense. The integrated seatmast design allows for about 20mm of adjustment. The gear cables follow my usual route inside the downtube, keeping things neat and clean. With True Temper Platinum and S3 tubing, the complete bike as shown weighed in at 15.9lbs.

And here’s what Christine had to say about her new ride:

“Rob I soooooo LOVE my new bike! I don’t know if it is the weight, the made to measure, or the steel frame…but the acceleration going up the hills is really cool. I love everything about it!!!”


  1. i like custom bike because im a 5ft tall.. 650c that fits to me

  2. Rob, on behalf of people of shorter stature everywhere, thank you for making a road bike with 650c wheels that looks proportional and appears to be as race ready as any 700c road bike.

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