Craig’s custom 29er recumbent

Craig’s custom 29er recumbent

This one might just be the most complex project I have tackled yet! Craig approached me having spent considerable time with some suspension software to design a full suspension system for a recumbent that would provide the anti-squat and zero pedal feedback attributes he was looking for.  With the basic layout and pivot points thus pre-determined, I then had to work out how to join the dots and build a bicycle. The result is a truss frame with a single pivot, linkage activated shock. The linkage and additional swing link have bearings at all the pivots, connecting to the Fox shock which is centrally located under the seat. 29″ wheels front and rear make this a big bike – but Craig is 6’1″ so has the legs to fit it. The pictures show the bike not quite fully assembled – the front brake needs to be installed and the hydraulic lines (yes  that is an Acros hydraulic derailleur system as well as the hydraulic brakes) need tidying up; we are discussing switching it out to a Rohloff hub though, to improve the chainline. And the bars are likely not the final setup. Steering is via a linkage with adjustable gain ratio, with a custom bracket machined to bolt to the Fox fork crown. There was a lot of head scratching to figure everything out with this project, and I’m sure there will be a little more to help Craig with fine tuning, but I’m pleased with how it all came together.


  1. That bike is sick!

  2. Cool bike. I love seeing how people attack the challenge of making a capable recumbent for dirt riding. I like the idea of the 29er, esp. for a tall rider as in this case.

  3. WOW! im speachless. beautiful job. i really would like one too. but that build kit would put me out my car..

    is it finished? can we see it?


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