Bo’s city bike

Bo’s city bike

Bo asked for a build similar to Tim’s – 650B, Alfine Di2, beltdrive, integrated rack, custom fenders. But of course with geometry to suit his position.

The frame has a Niner eccentric BB to adjust belt tension, and a custom machined socket dropout on the right to enable splitting the frame for belt installation. The dropouts are offset to the right by 7mm – this allows for correct beltline whilst accommodating the offset (to the inside) of the Di2 Gates sprocket and the 38mm tires.

Front and rear disc brakes use the flatmount standards, with the rear brake hose fully internal. The Di2 wires and battery are also all inside the frame.

Frame, fork, stem, pump and fenders all painted to match by Custom Powderworks.

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  1. Lovely colour bike with practical features
    Alberto Averill

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