Bobbie’s petite road

Bobbie’s petite road

This is one of my favorite types of frame to build, because smaller, lighter riders are generally very underserved by production bikes. In this case I was able to design around 160mm cranks, so the bottom bracket height is set appropriately for that. And then by careful choice of fork rake and front end geometry there is also no toe-wheel overlap.

A custom stem with the spacers built in gets the bars where they need to be in a visually elegant way. This also allows for adding spacers underneath in the future if required, without needing to have them stacked on top in the meantime. There was just room to mount the Di2 control box under the stem, with a boss brazed internally so it bolts cleanly in place.

Di2 is a great choice for smaller hands, due to less force and movement required. And the reach adjust on the Ultegra levers allows for those to be reached easily too.

The paint is by Colorworks, and the final weight came in at 16.5lbs.

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