Blake’s FRC

Blake’s FRC

Blake wanted a travel bike that was raceable, but leaning towards ‘Roubaix’ style geometry a little. He also wanted to allow for future changes in position (likely to be shorter/higher), so we started out with a 130mm stem so a shorter one can be added later as required. The frame has the folding rear triangle design, allowing the stays to fold flat underneath the frame so it can all fit in an airline-checkable case. The build is Dura-ace mechanical, with external cable routing. The powder coat is by Custom Powderworks, with photography by Tina Buescher.

Got a chance to get out on the bike today. Not a big ride, but a couple laps up the local climb, about 25 minutes from bottom to top.  The bike felt very solid underfoot, at least as solid as the Specialized. I didn’t notice any “waggle” in the BB as I do with my late 90’s steel Carrera Andromeda.  The bike felt light and well balanced going up, both in and out of the saddle.

The descent is very fast with lots of tight turns. Very technical, and I know it well. I couldn’t go all out, due to gravel and some wet spots, but I took it fairly fast. The bike is the best balanced and most stable and predictable I have ridden. It felt neither sluggish, nor skittish. I really like it in this regard. Super fun going downhill. I was worried that the “Roubaix” style geometry would slow it down and make it feel like an old mans bike, but so far that does not seem to be the case. The roads are pretty smooth, so I didn’t get a chance to test out the ride quality in terms of soaking up rough road, but I will get a chance to do that this weekend.

The rest of the componentry is very good.  The Dura-Ace is flat out amazing. Shifting and braking are superb, and I love the reach adjustment. Makes it very easy to brake and shift from the drops. Seatpost and saddle are better than I had hoped for as well. Very excited to put it through the paces over the next few weeks, and really get a feel for it and see what it can do. So far, so good.

One more thing, the FRC is absolutely ingenious. Just an incredibly simple, elegant solution. Well done. I’m really looking forward to riding this bike for a long time.Thanks so much!

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