Andy’s belt drive singlespeed road bike

Andy has been really enjoying his first bike, so he asked me to build him a singlespeed bike for his flat commute. I suggested we use the Gates Carbondrive belt drive for a clean, quiet drivetrain. Andy wanted the bike as light as possible; I suggested we also make some choices towards aerodynamics to assist on the flat route, so we have the deep Enve wheels, 3T aero fork, McFk aero handlebar and a TriRig front brake.

The frame has a Niner eccentric bottom bracket for tensioning the belt, with a hidden split at the dropout for belt installation. There is an aero downtube to keep with the theme, complemented by an ovalised toptube.

For the paint design, Andy worked with Roger at Sveltecycleworks to create a wonderful design based on a colorful statue. Roger even designed a pair of shoes to match too! The paint was beautifully executed by Colorworks. The bike weight came in at 14.4lbs.

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