Adam’s team issue disc road

Adam’s team issue disc road

The EC team has slowly grown over the last couple of years. I was very pleased when Adam inquired about joining – his boundless enthusiasm makes him a great guy to have around! When we sat down to design his bike he had some specific ideas he wanted to try and incorporate.

This is a race bike, but with disc brakes. Adam reasoned that the discs would have a small aerodynamic penalty, so requested that we clean up as much of the exposed cables as possible to help compensate. So there is a small extra channel behind the headtube – this allows for the rear hydraulic hose and Di2 cable to enter the frame right behind the stem, and from there make their way into the downtube and to the rear of the bike. With a 30mm axle in the BB shell there isn’t room for cabling, so both hose and wires travel from the downtube, through the seattube and into the chainstays to reach their destinations.

The Enve fork was modified to allow for internal hose routing – the front brake hose enters in the top of the steerer before coming out above the caliper on the inside of the fork blade.

The frame features a carbon integrated seatmast with a custom cap, and aero downtube and minimalist seatstays. 28mm tires can be fitted if required.


  1. final weight?

    • 17.8lbs with Grail/White Industries wheels as shown.

  2. Nice build and I like the head tube groove solution – it’s noticeable but looks good.

    Why the change of stem/cranks?

    • Cranks were swapped out to save a little weight. Adam didn’t get on with the 3T bars, so they got changed, and the replacements required a different stem.

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