Matt’s V3 disc

Matt’s V3 disc

Matt wanted a fast road bike, and liked the V3 design with a carbon ISP and headtube insert. He also inquired if it would be possible to run all the hoses/wires fully internally. As it happened, FSA had just released their ACR system, which uses a special upper headset bearing, bearing cover and stem to route the front hose directly into the fork steerer. The rear hose and Di2 wire are sent into the headtube, and then travel into the downtube to head to the rear of the bike. A T47 BB shell gives room for the hose and wiring to continue their internal journey all the way to the caliper and derailleurs.

The build kit consists of Shimano Dura-ace Di2 for the shifting and braking, with FSA supplying the crankset, stem and handlebars (plus bottle cages). Zipp NSW wheels with Vittoria tires provide fast rolling.

Paint is by Colorworks, and the final weight came in at 17.5lbs.


  1. Lovely frame and build – amazing work as always.

    Am I right that you got away with a more svelte head tube than is seen on most of the ACR equipped frames by dropping the ACR/ICR assembly into an FSA external cup that uses the same bearing, something like a EC49 or EC44? Not asking you to reveal any trade secrets – was just curious about how this tech could work for bikes that aren’t carbon frames, other than using a much larger head tube than otherwise necessary.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Amazing build as usual.

    I was wondering, what fork did you use on this build? Custom? I can’t seem to find any information about a fork that is compatible with the fully internal routing of the FSA system like you have here.


    • Hi John,
      I used a Whisky fork – it was already open internally from the steerer to the blade, so I had Ruckus Composites remove the hose exit at the crown, and made it ready for the internal routing.

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