Julian’s winter bike

Julian’s winter bike

My winter bike has served me exceptionally well – now four years old, it is pretty much all I ride from November to April, for errands and training, then once the weather gets better I still use it any time I need to carry or fetch stuff. I did a similar build a couple of years ago, then Julian asked me to build him one. But technologies have moved on a little – tubeless tires make a lot of sense for this type of bike, and Julian was also keen to try the Di2 system for the Alfine hub.

First the geometry – I had the fit information, but then had to work with the rest of the numbers to ensure toe clearance with fenders, and heel clearance for panniers, whilst still maintaining good handling. With this figured out, the next issue was combining the Alfine Di2 with the Gates belt drive – as standard the belt and the motor unit are not compatible, but with a little help from my friends at Co-motion, a solution was arrived at. I machined a split dropout for installing the belt, and used a Niner EBB for tensioning.

The rear of the frame includes an integrated pannier rack, that keeps the panniers low and tucked in for better handling. The right side also has a mount for the Knog lock. The rear brake caliper is tucked above the chainstay, with the cable run internally, and the Di2 wires are also all internal, with the battery in the seatpost (charged from the port on the handlebar display unit).

Components were chosen to match the stealth color scheme, and to help keep the weight down – complete ready to ride as shown the weight is 22lbs.

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